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The Benefits of Tree Of Life's Holistic Education

Where Nature Meets Medicine

Tree Of Life Holistic Wellness Center  provides a wide range of educational classes including herbal, nutrition and other complementary methods to promote optimal health. We embrace a variety of the most complete classes for our students for choices in their holistic/Traditional Naturopathic education. We include education for lifestyle and nutrition changes and self care, and provide classes for the Home Herbalist (Herbalist Level 1) courses, Medical Herbalist Diploma (Herbalist Level 2), nutrition and food preparation. Our classes are taught by Dr. Earendil M. Spindelilus D.N.M., M.H., C.F., PSc.D, , a doctor of Natural Medicine, Clinical Master Herbalist, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Nutritionist and Reiki Master. He is the author of numerous books on health and a past holistic radio show host. Board Certified in Natural Medicine. All classes come with either a full certification or a diploma, depending on the course materials. Many of our students have gone on to a career in holistic healthcare. He and his wife ran California’s largest Naturopathic Medical Clinic for many years and now runs a telehealth practice. He currently lectures and is the author of numerous holistic books, both locally and internationally.